Follow the steps below to create your report easy, easy.



Click on a widget and drag to the edit area and drop in the green area.



You have the option of working with one or two columns layout. You can use both options as many times as you need. Drag and drop on the screen. The layouts area can be identified by a dashed line.


Page Break Manual
To insert page break drag the widget onto the screen. The page break can only be inserted between layouts and never within the same layout.


Tip: To insert multiple page breaks try to work adding multiple layouts.


When you generate a PDF report, DashGoo automatically splits the pages without the need of Manual Page Break. Manual Page Break is useful when you want the page to be broken in a different place.



Editing Layout and Manual Page Break
To delete an entire layout (one or two columns), click the red “delete” button. This will also erase all widgets added to this layout. You can move the layouts up or down by clicking the corresponding button.


The same functionality works for Page Break.

Moving a Widget
You can drag an existing widget to another area or layout of the report.
Click on the widget and drag to the desired location. Drop in the green area.



Editing Time Period
Click on the pencil to edit the time period on the report. This will change the time period of all widgets added to the report.



You can automate (schedule) a report, send or download the report in a PDF file. In ‘More Options’ you can rename, duplicate, export as a template or delete a report.



Scheduling the report
Click on the corresponding button to schedule and automate the submission of the report. You need to set up the shipping period and frequency. The time period is counted according to the date the report was sent.

Example: If the report is submitted on 1/15/2017 with the period option ‘Last Month’ selected, the time period of the report submitted will be from 12/1/2016 to 12/31/2016.


Cover Sheet
Click on this button to add a cover for a report.
All fields are optional. Leave the field empty if you don’t want it to show. If you configure a cover this will be the first page of the PDF report.


Editing a Widget
To edit a widget click on the pencil corresponding to the widget you want to edit.


To delete click on the recycle bin.


See too: > Scheduling a Report


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