A client on DashGoo is one of your real clients. On the client page you can view all of this client’s reports and the dashboard. You can also include and view contacts related to this client. This makes easier to access information from a particular client in one place.


On Overview (https://app.dashgoo.com/clients) you will see the list of all your clients. Click on the green button “New customer” on the left top of the page or on the center of the page if you have not added any customers yet.

On the registration screen enter the requested information, select the customer data accounts and click Save.

The client logo is used on the client pages and also in the report header.

The account manager is the person responsible for the customer on DashGoo. It is also the person who receives the contact emails sent by the customer through the Customer Portal.

Note: Data provider accounts can only be linked to a single customer. Once it was added you will not be able to add the same account to another client.

Step 3 > Creating a report 


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