The first thing you need to do is to link your data source accounts (AdWords, Analytics, Facebook Ads…) to DashGoo.

To do it, go to Menu “Connection” and click on the button “Link Account” at the beginning screen.

Then click on the button “add new account” and select the data source you want to connect.

After choosing your data source you need to conceive permission to DashGoo to access your accounts. For Google AdWords, for example, Google takes control through a permission page where you can select your Google account and allow DashGoo to access your account.

You can add multiple accounts from the same data provider. To do this, simply repeat the previous procedures mentioned above to all your accounts.

Thereafter, it’s a matter of selecting another Google account and signing in to that account. Always prefer your Google MCC account.

After clicking the “Allow” button you return to the DashGoo screen and the account is added to your DashGoo user account as a new data connection.

An account can only be added by a single DashGoo user. You can not add the same account to two users or more.


Action Buttons

When you add an account the following 3 buttons are available:


1 – Update account – It updates the data and information of an account. It is important when you register or exclude clients from your AdWords MCC for example. You need to click this button to update existing accounts within your MCC.

2 – Relink – It may occur that the data provider account loses the connection with DashGoo (password change or other reason). In this case, it is necessary to redo the link so the data continues to be imported into DashGoo.

3 – Delete account – Deletes account and all reports related to it.

WARNING: Whenever you change the password for an associated account you will need to relink it to DashGoo. If you don’t do that your data will not be imported into your widgets anymore.
IMPORTANT: Accounts that are not used for more than 14 days (which are not making data requests to the data provider) will lose their connection to DashGoo and will need to be relinked to DashGoo so the data provider (Google, Facebook, etc.) authorizes their access again.

Step 2 > Registering a client

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