• Send a report to your client automatically.
  • You can send it every Monday (weekly) or on the first day of the month (monthly).
  • The report time range may be from the last week or last month. The report will be sent within this time interval from the date of submission. Example: If the report is submitted on 01/01/2017 with the period option ‘Last Month’ selected, the report time range will be from 01/12/2016 to 12/31/2016.

Once you’ve completed your report and added all the widgets you wanted you can schedule your submission by clicking on the “Schedule” button. Enter the subject and message, then choose the period and frequency and click “Save”. The recipient’s e-mail will be the e-mail you registered on the client’s account.

Recommendation: Before scheduling the report sending, download a PDF file and make sure that the chosen layout and settings are all in place, because the scheduled reports will be sent using the same structure and definition of the report that you have set up. If you have any problems correct it before scheduling.

Your report will always be sent at the chosen frequency. It is important to periodically open your scheduled reports to check if everything is fine with the data collection, because problems can occur with connecting to data source providers (Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook…).

WARNING: For scheduled reports avoid adding too many widgets because some providers, such as Facebook for example, require a certain connection timeout. Keep in mind that too many widgets can interfere while generating a report, and it can result in a report coming out without data.

You can cancel the scheduled report submissions at any time. Just open the report that is already with automated submission and cancel the scheduling.

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