Officially, Instagram does not provide historical data for certain metrics. Number of followers, for example, are not tracked by Instagram and therefore, it is not possible to query historical data for this metric. Instagram only provides the number of followers of the current day.

How do I have the history of the number of followers?

To solve this problem, we’ve created a tool that collects daily values directly from your Instagram account and writes to your DashGoo user. This allows you to generate a history that can be used in future reports.

The follower history will be available from the time your account was added in DashGoo, ie if you added the Instagram account on 07-20-2017 in DashGoo, you will have the number of followers only from day 20 onwards . If you attempt to generate a report with data prior to this time, the number of followers will not be displayed or will be set to “0”

Graph with the “Followers” metric generated with a period prior to account linking in DashGoo. In the example, the day 13/07 was the day the account was linked to DashGoo where data already exists.


One tip is then to use the “number of followers” metric only when you have historical data already formed in DashGoo. The longer your account is linked to DashGoo, the more complete your history will be.

The “Engagement rate” metric will also have the same behavior because it is a metric that depends on the number of followers.

Engagement rate = (likes + comments) / followers


Other data

Instagram does not officially provide data on gender, location, and more. Platforms and tools that provide this data work with unofficial estimates and often with discrepancies in real values if they are provided.

DashGoo works only with official data and therefore displays only data provided by Instagram itself. DashGoo is certified by Instagram and does not work with data provided by third parties.