The problem

Sometimes you get a report on Facebook or Google and see the numbers. Then you run the same report, with the same data range, in DashGoo and you see other numbers.


There is an easy explanation for this behavior.

Like every application available, DashGoo collects API data from providers like Facebook and Google. An API is the backdoor to the data while the user interface from Facebook and Google where you are looking is the frontdoor.

Providers such as Facebook and Google need to propagate the interface statistics to their APIs. Facebook data can take up to 24 hours to update with their interface. For Google, this can take up to 48 hours.

So, if you run a report on April 1st, for example, with a date range between March 1 and 31, it can occur that the data comes up inaccurately because the data from the previous day may not have been fully propagated to the API.


Make sure to do not work with reports with final date range equal to the day the report is generated. If you are working with your report project and want to make sure that inaccuracy is caused by API latencies, change the final date range to two days or more and compare. If the data is still inaccurate for this date range, please contact us through the application service so we can investigate the cause.


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