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Creating Reports

Oui, DashGoo is focused on creating reports! You just have to connect your data sources and you can start creating reports to your clients.

First you have to connect your AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing and other accounts, then you create a client and finally a report.

To create a report you’ll need to add data widgets or KPIs. What is the difference between them?

A data widget will show you the numbers and results of several metrics including charts and tables. You can check the general performance of your campaigns, ads or websites with different metrics.

A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) will show you a single result of a single metric. For example, you can add and KPI to show you how many impressions your ad had ou how many likes your Facebook Fanpage has. KPIs can be add through Overview widget (where you can add several KPIs at once) or through Manual KPI (where you can add numbers manually).

PDF Reports

Reports created on DashGoo can be converted on PDF files and sent by e-mail to your clients. These same reports can be scheduled to be automatically sent every week or month.

Report Templates

To speed things up you can create report templates or use our existing templates. This way you don’t need to waste time creating a report from zero. Create default templates and set them up for as many clients as you want, without having to edit reports later.

There’s much more

You can include your company and your client’s company logo on reports, set up an 100% white-label Client Portal with an exclusive online address, create dashboards to your clients access online and much more.

What to expect from DashGoo in the Future

That’s going to have much more! We are already planning and executing new tools to make things easier for you. 😉

Are you missing something?

Would you like to suggest a new resource or tool? Have you any suggestions to make something better on our app? Send everything to us through this link. And be sure that we will receive your opinion with great joy and we will analyze everything with great affection. DashGoo was made for you and nothing fairer than make it to fit your needs. Talk to us!

How to Contact DashGoo

In case you didn’t find your answers here, DashGoo users can contact us by the service icon located in the app. We look forward answering all the questions within 1 business day and we leave no one without a return. 😉

Follow the steps below and good reports for you!

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