Starting DashGoo

Step 3 – Creating a report

Follow the steps below to create your report easy, easy.   Click on a widget and drag to the edit area and drop in the green area.   Layout You have the option of working with one or two columns layout. You can use both options as many times as you need. Drag and drop […]

Step 2 – Registering a client

A client on DashGoo is one of your real clients. On the client page you can view all of this client’s reports and the dashboard. You can also include and view contacts related to this client. This makes easier to access information from a particular client in one place. On Overview ( you will see […]

Step 1 – Linking your accounts

The first thing you need to do is to link your data source accounts (AdWords, Analytics, Facebook Ads…) to DashGoo. To do it, go to Menu “Connection” and click on the button “Link Account” at the beginning screen. Then click on the button “add new account” and select the data source you want to connect. […]

Before Starting

You may have some questions before starting, we are here to solve them! Creating Reports Oui, DashGoo is focused on creating reports! You just have to connect your data sources and you can start creating reports to your clients. First you have to connect your AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing and other accounts, then you […]

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