Instagram Historical Data

Officially, Instagram does not provide historical data for certain metrics. Number of followers, for example, are not tracked by Instagram and therefore, it is not possible to query historical data for this metric. Instagram only provides the number of followers of the current day. How do I have the history of the number of followers? […]

How to add filters and some examples

You can use the filters to hide certain information and records and display only what you need. You can use filter to hide an inactive campaign, display a particular ad group, results greater or less than x, values equal to a given number, and a myriad of other combinations. You can add as many filters […]

Scheduling a Report

Overview: Send a report to your client automatically. You can send it every Monday (weekly) or on the first day of the month (monthly). The report time range may be from the last week or last month. The report will be sent within this time interval from the date of submission. Example: If the report […]

Problems With Scheduled Reports

It may occur that a scheduled report (automated submission) has not been generated and sent to your client. Then an email is sent to you the problem. If you experience these problems, check the list below for possible solutions: Reports with many Facebook widgets tend to reach the Facebook API timeout. The same can happen […]

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