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Widgets do not display AdWords ads or Facebook Ads

The table widgets from DashGoo with the “Display Ads” dimension on AdWords or “Ads” on Facebook Ads show the ad itself. This is cool because your clients see the actual ad in their reports. But sometimes the online report or the dashboard does not display the ad. The column is empty and without any information. […]

My Data Does Not Match with X

The problem Sometimes you get a report on Facebook or Google and see the numbers. Then you run the same report, with the same data range, in DashGoo and you see other numbers. Explanation There is an easy explanation for this behavior. Like every application available, DashGoo collects API data from providers like Facebook and […]

Widget does not have data

Well, that’s annoying. Sometimes a widget does not show any kind of data or the data does not update. See below some of the reasons it may happen: API Boundaries For each widget or KPI in the report, a separate request is made to the data provider like AdWords to fetch the data. Google, however, […]

Problems With Scheduled Reports

It may occur that a scheduled report (automated submission) has not been generated and sent to your client. Then an email is sent to you the problem. If you experience these problems, check the list below for possible solutions: Reports with many Facebook widgets tend to reach the Facebook API timeout. The same can happen […]

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